Personal Training

Working one on one with a personal trainer will provide you with a highly efficient and more productive workout. Nautilus Fitness Center is staffed with nationally certified, knowledgeable, and energetic training personnel. Personal trainers are available on an appointment basis to answer questions and assist you with all of your fitness needs. A member benefits from a trainer’s knowledge of weight training, cardiovascular fitness, increasing energy, losing fat, gaining muscle, decreased aches and pains and much more. 

Training Bonus

You may think that lifting weights only makes muscles strong, but did you know that it makes bones strong too? You can’t see the change, but the strengthening of bones happens from an increase in bone mass and bone density that occurs when your body performs “weight bearing” activities.


Training Tips

If you wish to increase a muscle’s strength and size, you’ll need to do resistance exercises on a regular basis (1-3 times a week). A strength program usually involves lifting a weight 8-15 repetitions. You can use free weights or weight machines. The weight should be heavy enough to make the final repetition fairly difficult.


Maximum Heart Rate

You keep hearing the advice to exercise three times a week for 20 minutes at 60 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate. Why? Because if you do so, your cardiovascular system will eventually get better at transporting oxygen filled blood to working muscles. Your theoretical maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age. If you’re 30, your max is 190. If you exercise at a level that has your heart going between 114 and 171 beats a minute (60 to 90 percent of max), you’re in the training range that produces cardiovascular system improvements.


How to Check It…

How do you know what your heart’s doing while you’re exercising? Stop and take your pulse for ten seconds, then multiply that figure by six to get your beats per minute. If you don’t want to stop, you can still get a pretty good idea by monitoring your breathing. If you’re breathing harder than usual but not gasping, and if you’ve broken a sweat, you’re probably in the lower end of the training range. If you’re working so hard that you can’t talk, slow down, you’re probably above the upper end of the range.



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