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Nautilus offers an outstanding selection of classes to appeal to all fitness tastes.  Whether you want to step, pump or splash your way to better health, we have a class for you.  We offer dozens of options, but highlighted below are some of the marquee classes that we’ve found are most   popular with our members.  A full listing of classes and schedules is available online or at the club.


STRETCH- We often talk about the three elements of physical activity – cardiovascular exercise, weight    training and stretching.  Unfortunately, very few take the time to stretch.  Stretching not only helps prevent injury, but also counteracts some of the damage that naturally occurs with aging.  Muscle tissue loses elasticity with time, causing the muscles and joints to tighten up.  At the same time, people tend to become less active with age, further contributing to stiffness.  Be sure to always include this element of physical activity.


BODY PUMP- It’s a 60-minute, body-shaping, group strength-training program that works every major muscle group.  Reduce body fat, improve muscular conditioning and reshape your body in ways you wouldn’t achieve from any other exercise program.


SPINNING- It’s a group cycling workout, including instruction and music!  It’s intense… standing, sitting, hills, sprints and jumps!  A challenge for the body – a ride for the mind!


STEP- Basic step aerobics, fun combinations and invigorating intensity make this 55-minute cardio workout fly by!


ABS & STRETCH- 20-minutes of non-stop abdominal work, followed by a stretch.  Learn the proper way to wok out your abs and strengthen the stabilizing muscles in your lower back.


PILATES- The Pilates exercise principles emphasizes simplicity and precision!  All movements originate from the center of the body, creating “core strength.”  Focused and careful, precise and slow movements set the tone of this unique mat class.


YOGA- Presenting yoga warm-ups, stretches, classic poses (asanas) and relaxation techniques to promote a healthier, more vital you!  Work with muscle groups, joints and glands for overall    balance and strength; then, calm body and mind with a session of guided relaxation.  Yoga provides a multi-level, non-competitive workout for teen and adults.


SENIOR FITNESS- This class is complete with a warm-up, some light cardio work, toning and a good stretch.  Our senior specialist designed it with your needs in mind.  Have fun and get fit at the same time!


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