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Circuit Training:
– Form of body conditioning/resistance training.
– Works upper body, lower body, core etc.

Chair Yoga:
- For all ages, mainly geared towards elderly
- Practiced by sitting in a chair
- One of the gentle forms of yoga

- Designed to improve physical strength, core strength, flexibility and posture.
- Hour-long class

Boot Camp:
- Muscle conditioning, combined with cardio

Cardio Kick:
- Form of kick boxing w/ Cardio
- Light stretches
- Repetitive punches, hand strikes, kicks and other self-defense moves.

- Aerobic fitness program
- Features movements inspired by various style of music.

- Indoor cycling
- Lights vary on/off
- High energy
- Hour-long class
- Control at your own pace

Hot Vinyasa Yoga:
- Room is heated to a certain temperature
- Warms up muscles
- Flowing

Killer Abs:
- 20 minutes of abdominal work
- Main focus is on the core

Body Pump:
- Hour-long class
- Work 230 muscles (sit ups, weights, sculpt and tone, burn fats, gain strength)

Kick Boxing:
- Form of martial arts
- Combines boxing with elements of Karate.
- Must have sneakers for this class

Hi/Low Cardio
- Builds strength and stamina
- High energy interval training
– Combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization

- Tabata training is a High Intensity Interval Training workout that lasts 45 minutes.
- 20 secs of work 10 secs rest for 8 intervals